Pregnancy is weird, strange: Jennifer Lopez

London: Jennifer Lopez, who is playing a pregnant woman in her upcoming film `The Back up Plan`, says pregnancy is like "an invasion of the body snatchers".

"I wanted to put as much in as we could that was real - the overeating, the burping. Why not? It`s funny too. Pregnancy and giving birth are weird, strange. The growing life inside you, it`s like an invasion of the body snatchers," quoted Lopez, 40, as saying.

Lopez, mother of two-year-old twins, says she is learning about the differing attitudes of men and women by observing her children Max and Emme.

"I`ve figured out the difference between men and women by seeing their innate characteristics. She is very careful, and you can see her thinking; men don`t think, they attack and deal with the consequences. We approach life and love in different ways," she added.

`The Backup Plan` also featuring Alex O`Loughlin will release in Europe in May.