Pregnant Mariah can`t stop cooking

London: Singer Nick Cannon fears putting on more weight than his pregnant wife Mariah Carey as she can`t stop cooking.

The couple is currently expecting twins and Cannon revealed that he is in more danger than his wife of putting on weight during the pregnancy because she keeps cooking food and then refuses to eat it, a website reports.

"I think she`s figured out brilliantly that when she craves stuff she doesn`t necessarily have to eat it. When she cooks, she cooks everything from scratch and then the cravings go away. So I get stuck with eating all the food. I`ll be gaining weight during this pregnancy," he said.

Cannon is in awe of his wife and admitted she is handling expectant parenthood much better than he is.

"She`s holding up beautifully. To see this strength! It`s a different type of strength to carry around two babies. She`s not even concerned with her aches and pains which I`m sure are great. She`s so nurturing right now. It`s wonderful. It`s amazing to see."

"I`m extremely excited about bringing new life into the world. It`s a journey every single day. It`s something new. I`m nervous. I`m excited. We`re just taking it one day at a time," he added.