Preity Zinta tweets fitness tips

New Delhi: Preity Zinta recently opened up about her fitness secrets and addressed different health issues with her fans on Twitter.

The Bollywood actress started the discussion with a simple post on the social networking site, about the concept of fitness.

“It’s Sunday and of course, a fun day, so it’s time for Sunday chat. Are you guys all ready? Should I suggest a topic today. Sometimes we have serious, hectic chats and sometimes it’s all fun and frolic! Today, I think, we’ll chat about health, beauty and fitness,” she started.

The 38-year-old claimed “Do you know that eating within 10 mins after waking up is guaranteed to make you lose weight? If you skip breakfast, then god help you, so don’t do it... If you don’t sleep well, you tend to overeat the next day and in turn increase your chances of putting on weight.”

The diva explained the benefits of drinking water in her last tweet and said that having lots of water first thing in the morning can cure up to 23 diseases in your body, especially if it’s kept overnight in a copper vessel.

She added that if you drink water with ice in it while training, it gives more energy. Also, it burns more calories.

She further emphasized on the importance of working out regularly and weight training to keep fit.