Price admits she has ruined her looks

London: Surgery-obsessed model Katie Price is said to be regretting the amount of procedures she has undergone which have eventually ruined her looks.

The 32-year-old glamour model appeared to have had more work done last week as she went on the promotional trail to promote her new single `Free To Love Again`, which limped into the charts at a number 60.

And according to New! magazine, she broke down in front of friends, saying that she had ruined her looks and telling them, "The children are calling me Daffy Duck and laughing at my puffy pillow face."

She went on, admitting her children were right, adding, "Blown-up red lips, long dark hair and make-up. I do look like a duck," the magazine reported.

"Katie thinks she looks like a cartoon character. She tries to laugh it off, but she knows she looks a state. She`s desperate to have the fillers dissolved and wants them out of her face," a source said.
And on her wedding pictures with Alex Reid, Katie
apparently said, "Oh my God, look at my beak. It`s an actual
beak. It`s like ducks` lips that stick out, it`s a joke."
Talking about her looks on a Radio show, Price,
popularly known as Jordan recently said, "So much of what has
been said about me has hurt, but it has made me more
determined to be successful. If people knew the real story of
what I`ve had to go through, they would think it`s unfair how
badly I`ve been picked on."
Now Price is said to be considering having some of the
procedures reversed.