Refrain from drastic diets, says Hathaway

London: Actress Anne Hathaway has urged young fans not to follow her example of taking up a drastic diet to lose weight. She confesses suffering after losing weight to thin prostitute in the `Les Miserables`.

The 29-year-old shed the weight under the supervision of trained medics and insists her diet was not fun and should not be copied.

"I lost the first 10 pounds in three weeks through a detox and then I lost the subsequent 15 in 14 days by doing food deprivation and exercise, which I don`t recommend," quoted Hathaway as saying.

"I know when I was a teenage girl I would try crazy things and I do not recommend anyone do this at all.

"I was under the supervision of a nutritionist and I had a doctor monitoring me, but it`s not fun. You can be too thin," she said.

Hathway had to lose the bulk she put on to play fighting fit Catwoman in `The Dark Knight Rises` and lost 25 pounds in just over a month to play tragic Fantine `Les Miserables`.