Rob Kardashian will get back to his best shape ever: Trainer

Los Angeles: Rob Kardashian is working hard to get back, says his trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Peterson said the 27-year-old TV personality is a nice guy and he is managing well his gymming schedules despite his work commitments, reportedly. "He`s such a good guy. Rob was a solid basketball player, a serious runner and he`s a serious athlete. It`s when life gets in the way, that`s what makes it hard to get to the gym.

"If it was Rob on his own, he`d be in every day. He`s pitching shows, he`s on a show, he has his sock line and other business ventures," the trainer said.

Peterson also praises Kardashian`s persistence and determination when it comes to his workout.

"Here`s a guy fighting paparazzi getting in and out of the gym. This guy is fighting through human walls, to get to the gym. A lot of people have blown off workouts with a lot less obstacles.

"Rob is such a solid guy, when he gets in here. I don`t care if he weighs 50, 100 or 200 pounds. He works like an athlete. He never tries to beg out of a set. He never tries to hop off the cardio a minute or two before. He goes the distance every time."

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