Robert Pattinson lives on ready-to-eat meals

London: `Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson has revealed that his incapability to cook has made him seek the services of a special catering company that delivers fresh food daily to him.

According to Germany’s Sachsische Zeitung newspaper, Pattinson, 24, said that his culinary skills don’t extend beyond putting bread in a toaster.

“In Los Angeles I started using a delivery service which only delivers fresh and healthy food,” the Daily Star quoted him as saying.

“Even in the morning I have a bag with healthy food delivered to me. I’ve never in my life lived as healthy as I do now.

“Of course I miss homemade food, but I’m on my own or on the go most of the time. And I can’t cook myself. I only just manage to make some toast.

“I don’t seem to have the genetic endowments for it. I’m incapable (of telling) what tastes good and what doesn’t,” he added.



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