Robert Pattinson wants six-pack

Los Angeles: Actor Robert Pattinson says he will hit the gym soon to get a six pack as he thinks he is the only actor in Hollywood without one.

"I think I don’t get some jobs because I don’t go to the gym," quoted Pattinson as saying.

"I am literally the only actor in LA who doesn’t have a six-pack. Although I am going to have to change that, he added.

The 27-year-old also said that he needs to get in shape for intimate scenes in one of his upcoming films.

"In my next film, I have like three intimate scenes, so I am literally thinking of those to get in shape...I don`t ever want anyone to see me doing exercise. Even though I am doing it, I still think it`s so lame and embarrassing; I am doing it out of necessity, that`s all," Pattinson said.