Robin Gibb had 1 hour to live if he didn’t undergo surgery

London: Robin Gibb, who is battling liver cancer, has revealed that he was told by his specialist that he had one hour to live unless he underwent immediate surgery for his recurring stomach cramps.

The Bee Gees co-founder has been fighting for life since he has been diagnosed with liver cancer, while his loving wife Dwina has been taking care of him.

Gibb, 62, had to be rushed to the hospital after collapsing due to severe stomach pains.

After an examination and a scan, he was told to undergo surgery immediately.

“I told the surgeon, ‘Hang on, I’ve only got cramp,’” the Daily Mail quoted Gibb as saying.

“But he said I’d actually got an intestinal blockage and it could be about to burst.

“The way he put it to me was blunt: ‘The only way out for you, pal, is through the operating theatre.’

“I was petrified. I’d never been in hospital before. I had the op there and then and after three days felt a lot better,” he added.


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