Robin Gibb `nods out of coma`

London: Robin Gibb, who slipped into coma last week after suffering pneumonia while battling liver and colon cancer, has been nodding his head and communicating with friends and family after they played music to rouse him.

The 62-year-old even wept in response to the Roy Orbison hit ‘Crying’, his wife Dwina said.

Distraught relatives including bandmate brother Barry, 65, played music and sang during all-night vigils at his bedside.

Dwina on Friday, spoke about the Bee Gee star’s rapid recovery since he first opened his eyes on Wednesday night.

“He’s moving his head and nodding. When we’re asking questions he’s responding to them. I can’t believe it,” a leading daily has quoted her as saying outside his London hospital.

“We’ve been playing music to him all along. I thought he’d respond to it and, when they hooked him up to an ECG scanner, it showed he was.

“We’re very pleased. We think he might even talk once the tubes come out,” she added.