Ron Perlman limping after knee injury

London: `Hellboy` star Ron Perlman is limping around after ripping his meniscus on the sets of actor Ryan Gosling`s new film `Drive`.

The injury-prone actor fears that he might be operated after a wave blindsided him and injured his kneecap while he was filming a scene at the beach in California, a website reported.

"It`s hard to walk on it. I think I`m gonna need surgery; there`s some structural damage in there. We shot the scene during high tide at 3.30 in the morning and my back was to the ocean," Perlman said.

However, the 60-year-old actor fears that his latest injury combined with all the others he has experienced till date will leave him limping to his grave.

"When I`m 80 I`m gonna be a mess, so hopefully I`m not gonna make it to 80. I`ve broken ribs on Hellboy and I broke a toe on Hellboy." he added.