Ronnie Wood`s girlfriend quits drinking

London: Ronnie Wood`s girlfriend Ana Araujo has given up drinking to help him quit bad habits.

"She gave up drinking... she used to drink a glass of wine and enjoy it, but she said, `If you need the support, I won`t do it`. And she hasn`t weakened, which I think is very admirable," Wood told Britain`s Daily Mail.

He added: "It is nice to be with someone who isn`t like, `Come on, let`s go and get wrecked (drunk)!` I can go into bars and parties, and I used to feel, `I`m really missing out here,` but now I don`t feel I am - been there, done it."

The 63-year-old, who struggled with alcohol abuse, went to a rehabilitation centre in 2009. Now his partner, Brazilian polo coach Ana Araujo, has shown her solidarity by quitting drinking as well, reports