Russell Brand says he doesn’t hold on to anything negative

Washington: Russell Brand has taken a philosophical look at the recent happenings in his life, insisting that he is “doing well” and has no reason to be otherwise.

The comedian’s marriage to pop star Katy Perry ended in December, after 14 months.

“You don’t need to brush it off if you don’t get it on you in the first place,” People magazine quoted him as saying.

“I don’t have to let anything go. I don’t hold on to anything negative. It’s the same as zero-ness,” he added.

Asked if that’s part of his yoga philosophy, Brand replied, “I like Kundalini yoga” – which heavily relies on physical and spiritual intuition.

“It’s not about letting it go… You can’t let go of something you don’t hold, you know. It’s meaningless, and much of our world is predicated on meaninglessness. And I don’t do that anymore,” he said.

Two weeks ago, Brand also made news when he was arrested in New Orleans for allegedly grabbing a photographer’s iPhone and tossing it.

That, too, he says, is “meaningless to me. It’s like it never happened. It’s meaningless.”

He was questioned about reports that he’s had a “Katy Perry” tattoo removed.

“Nope… Never had a tattoo removed. Never happened,” he said.