Salman a guiding force: Sonu Sood

Mumbai: Actor Sonu Sood, who plays a pivotal role in ‘Dabangg’, says he had fun shooting with Salman Khan who was like a guiding force.

"Salman is a very cool person. He always encourages you. We used to work out together, so he used to tell me a lot about exercising and fitness. On the whole, since he is a more experienced actors, he was like a guiding force for me," Sonu told reporters.

The two actors also had a little game going on during the shoot of the film.

"I am a vegetarian and Salman a non-vegetarian. He really wants me to convert to a non-vegetarian, so a lot of times he used to secretly put chicken or mutton pieces on my plate and would tell me to eat it.

"Similarly, I used to force him to eat more vegetarian dishes. So this game of ours used to keep carrying on," he added.

‘Dabangg’ is slated to release Sep 10.