Sam Worthington hates to work out

London: `Avatar` star Sam Worthington hates to hit the gym and is not a huge fan of exercise, despite his muscular physique.

The 33-year-old actor, whose impressive physique earned him millions of admirers in James Cameron`s 3-D blockbuster, can`t see why anybody would want to work out for hours, a magazine reported.

"I didn`t do anything to buff up - nothing. I`m not one of these yoga-loving, I only want wheatgrass and blueberry muffins kind of guys. And I don`t go the gym; I think it`s pointless. If I`m going to pick up something heavy, I`d rather take it somewhere," Worthington said.

The British actor, who is dating stylist Natalie Marks also does not care about the clothes a woman wears and insists she should only have a good smile.

"I go for a nice smile when it comes to women because that means she finds me funny, and a smile lightens the air. A girl can wear the worst clothes, but she`ll still look good if she smiles," Worthington said.