Sarah Harding wants perfect body

London: Singer Sarah Harding says she wants a body to die for so that she can show ex-fiance Tom Crane what he`s missing.

The 30-year-old, who recently completed a stint in rehab for alcohol and prescription pill addiction, is currently working hard on getting her ideal figure.

"Sarah has thrown herself into exercise, which has been brilliant for her physically and mentally. She`s become a huge fan of Bikram yoga - sometimes even taking two classes a day - and she`s doing hundreds of sit-ups a day," quoted a source as saying.

"She`s drinking lots of water, cutting out most carbs and is filling up on protein. She says she has more energy and has told pals she no longer craves a drink. She`s determined to have a body to die for and wants to show Tom what he`s missing," the source added.