Save animals, be vegetarian: Anupama Verma

New Delhi: Clutching the meat hook with her body wrapped in cellophane, model-actress Anupama Verma poses for a new advertisement for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that urges people to follow vegetarian lifestyle.

"I hope my PETA ad helps challenge people to really think about what `meat` is. Eating flesh means eating the corpse of a tortured animal who did not want to die. We are encouraging people to try going vegetarian - for animals, the environment and their own health," Varma said in a statement.

The advertisement is shot by ace photographer Rafique Sayed and the caption reads - `Try to Relate to Who Is on Your Plate".

Varma, who modelled for a lot of consumer products, participated in the first season of controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.