Sharon Stone loves working out

Los Angeles: At 55, Sharon Stone has a body that will rival any 20-year-old and the actress says a vigorous gym routine is the secret behind her fitness.

"I`m a gym rat. I do all kinds of things. I just joined a regular gym and I like to go where people really work out, and I just get into it," Stone told Access Hollywood.

The Academy Award-nominated star said music is the key when it comes to workout inspiration.

"I put my headphones on and I get lost in there. I like it," she said.

Stone will next be seen playing mother to Amanda Seyfried`s Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic of the porn star.
The actress said she found Linda`s story uplifting, despite the rampant abuse the "Deep Throat" star allegedly suffered during her years in the porn industry.

"She demonstrated to the world that no matter how you fall, it`s how you get up. And she got up with tremendous dignity, tremendous power, and tremendous grace," Sharon said.

"She showed women that no matter how abused you may become, you have power over your own destiny. I think it`s very important in a time women are struggling to hold onto women`s rights."