Sheen loses teeth `from drug use`

London: Charlie Sheen has apparently lost all his teeth from too much drug use, as a result of which, he has had to have them replaced with porcelain veneers.

But his continued drug use has meant the veneers have also dropped off and had to be replaced with gold teeth.

All these facts were revealed by by the 22-year-old porn star who partied with the actor at his Los Angeles home.

Kacey Jordan, who admitted to having “quick sex” with the actor, said Sheen was moaning about the state of his teeth.

“All his teeth have fallen out from partying. He kept saying f****** porcelain teeth... they crap,” the Daily Mail quoted Jordan as saying.

“Said he had to get gold teeth. Most of his teeth fallen out, he wouldn`t say why but we all know its because of the drug use,” Jordan added.


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