Simple monsoon skin and hair care

Averil Nunes

Mumbai-based Dermatologist Neha Goyal helps you out to manage your hair and skin during the monsoons.

The monsoon may be the best season skinwise, with the humidity in the air leaving your skin feeling nice and moist. Do note the few points listed below to ensure you make it through the season without a single complaint.

1) Do not panic about falling hair: Increased hairfall is typical during this season; the best thing you can do is avoid panicking and causing extra hairfall by stressing out.

2) Don’t tie up wet hair: This could lead to a fungal infection that may result in dandruff. Also do remember to use a light conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. This helps repair hair quality and restores the moisture lost while shampooing it.

3) Wear open footwear: Closed footwear inevitably means moisture retention, which can cause fungal infections on your feet and legs, especially in the web-sections between your toes. So either wear open footwear or if you prefer closed footwear to protect your feet from the muddy Mumbai roads, air your feet as soon as you can.

4) Change out of outdoor clothes: As in summer, excessive humidity can cause perspiration, which can result in fungal infections. So do change into fresh attire if you are prone to perspiring.

5) Shower: Given the polluted times we live in, the monsoon often pours down pollutants, so it is advisable to shower with a soap-free cleanser once you get out of the rain. Don’t forget to apply a light moisturiser.

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