Simpson trying to get in shape for wedding

Updated: Apr 29, 2011, 09:55 AM IST

London: Singer Jessica Simpson is trying to lose weight in time for her wedding, which she has now set a date for.

Simpson, who is engaged to former National Football League (NFL) player Eric Johnson has revealed that she has set a date for the big day and is exercising to make sure she looks her best when she walks down the aisle.

"I have a date - I`m really excited! I am going to dance around my bedroom and hopefully lose some weight - and lift some weights and do what I can!" quoted the 30-year-old as saying.

However, she refused to follow restrictive diets or spend hours in the gym, preferring to tone up in a way that`s less demanding.

"I just have to work out on my own. There is no regimen I need to follow. There`s no diet I need to follow. I just need to do some things for myself and that`s it. And that will make me feel the happiest," she added.