Snooki gains weight on `Dancing With the Stars`

PTI| Updated: Dec 01, 2013, 09:54 AM IST

London: Reality TV star Snooki has revealed that she gained weight while on `Dancing With the Stars`.

Snooki, 26, said she added some pounds during her stint this season, reported Showbiz spy.

"I actually gained more weight on the show because I wasn`t with my trainer. My trainer puts me on this crazy regimen. I ate more, I didn`t do my weight training and I gained a little weight. I get to lift weights at home. I was just running around," she said.

When she is not on the sets of the dance based reality show, she benches, squats and runs three miles a day.

"I try for seven days a week! Sometimes (I) just want to be home with my (baby). I get lazy sometimes," she added.