Sofia Vergara finds it "great" to be approaching 40

Updated: Dec 07, 2011, 08:19 AM IST

London: Hollywood actress Sofia Vergara says it is "great" to be considered sexy as she has a "few extra pounds" and will soon turn 40.

The `New Year`s Eve` star will reach the landmark age in June 2012, and she is delighted people still consider her to be a pin-up, especially as she has a "few extra pounds" compared to other famous beauties, reported OK! magazine.

"I have a voluptuous figure, and I like to laugh a lot, this is who I am. But it`s great to still be thought of as sexy, especially now that I`m nearly 40.

"I don`t want to look super skinny and I think since I`m nearly 40 now, I`m glad I have a few extra pounds because otherwise your face has more lines," said Vergara.

However, life has not always been so rosy for the `Modern Family` beauty - and she admits being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000 has made her appreciate the good things that happen to her.

"You work hard, you live a healthy lifestyle and then you get the news you have cancer. Thank God I had the kind of cancer that is much more easily treated than other terrible cancers. But it was still a shock. The good thing is that an experience like that makes you realise what is important in life," she said.