Spa offers back massage by snakes, hot beer bath to soothe the body!

Updated: May 14, 2011, 13:09 PM IST

New York: Here is a spa which rejuvenates your senses and relaxes the body in the most peculiar way, with snakes slithering along the back instead of a masseuse`s hands, followed by a hot beer bath.

Farm-owner Ada Barak, in northern Israel offers her customers a host of unforgettable, oddball situations that are all targeted at healing and relaxing the body.

The unique massage technique involves snakes weaving through the hair, nibbling on the eyelashes and curling around the toes.

"Spas have become experts at offering treatments that let spa-goers experience what the local area is all about while still getting the results they crave," a daily quoted Lynne McNees, International Spa Association President as saying.

Taking the massage strategy to the extreme, Chiang Mai Women`s Prison Spa provides an experience of what life is like for local inmates, who are trained in the traditional art of Thai massage.

The five-story, 100,000-square-foot Spa Castle in outer Queens is more of a theme park with jade and gold igloo-shaped saunas, plunge pools and a food court dishing out authentic Korean barbecue.

The customers are made to dress in prisoner-style uniforms after which they can immerse themselves into a massage of their choice and spend the entire day exploring the place.