Star football player David Beckham afraid of going bald

London: Ace football player David Beckham worries about going bald and so prefers shaving off his hair rather than getting a hair transplant.

The 36-year-old sportsman, who has four kids with fashion designer wife Victoria Beckham, said he doesn`t like the idea of getting a hair transplant, reported Femalefirst.

"Someone said I`d had a hair transplant. There`s definitely nothing wrong with doing that, but I don`t think personally I would. If I do start showing signs of going bald, then I will shave it off. I`ve still got hair. I`m still fighting it," he said.

Beckham player also said he has grown in confidence about what he wears since he met Victoria.

"When I met Victoria. I got confidence. If I like something, I`m going to wear it - it doesn`t matter what people are going to think of me. I`ve never been averse to doing, not stupid things, but pushing it a little."