Stay-at-home mums `suffer more sadness and depression`

Washington: Stay-at-home moms struggle with sadness, depression, and anger more often than employed mothers do, a new poll has revealed.

According to a sure-to-be-controversial new Gallup poll, while 26 percent of stay-at-home moms reported feeling sadness much of “yesterday”, that figure was just 16 percent among employed moms.

Some 28 percent of stay-at-home moms said they have been diagnosed with depression, an assertion made by just 17 percent of employed mothers, the Newser reported.

Meanwhile, 50 percent of the stay-at-home group felt stressed and 19 percent felt angry “yesterday”, versus 48 percent and 14 percent in the employed group.

According to Politico, the poll comes on the heels of a furore over Ann Romney’s stay-at-home status.