Supermodel Miranda Kerr health secret

Updated: Nov 16, 2011, 08:32 AM IST

London: Miranda Kerr admits she believes in healthy eating and doesn`t like to deprive her body of occasional treats.

The Victoria`s Secret model knows it is important to stay in shape and healthy to lead a better life, reports

"My grandparents had a vegetable patch and taught me a lot about growing food and eating organically. I eat super-healthily, lots of vegetables and fish, but that`s not just because I`m a model," she said.

"It`s to give my body the fuel it needs. And I don`t deny myself anything. Life is about balance, and you have to be able to have some treats now and again - it`s good for you," she added.

The Australian beauty has a 10-month old son Flynn with husband Orlando Bloom.