Teri Hatcher battling bouts of insomnia

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2010, 18:49 PM IST

London: Actress Teri Hatcher has not had a good night’s sleep.

The actress has revealed that a painful shoulder infection which can’t be cured is keeping her awake at night.

`The Desperate Housewives’ star revealed how painful the whole experience has been so far.

"I haven’t been sleeping well, or at all... because I have something called frozen shoulder. It is a real thing... It feels like one of those things that you see on an infomercial and you go, ``That’s not real``, a news daily quoted Hatcher as saying.

"It really is extremely painful, actually... It (shoulder) doesn’t move. You can’t really solve it. Apparently, this is a condition that lasts for a year or two years and then miraculously goes away.

"The doctor said to me, ``There’s, like, 40 per cent of people with certain diseases that get it... and then the other 60 per cent are just idiosyncratic...`` Apparently, there’s inflammation inside the rotator cuff, you really have trouble moving your arm."