Tom Hardy to gain 28 pounds

London: Actor Tom Hardy says he is worried about putting on 28 pounds in preparation for his role as villain in `The Dark Knight Rises`.

"I`ve got to get up to about 196 lbs (pounds). I`m 168 lbs-and-a-bit now and we start shooting in May, so I`ve got only three months to bulk up, it`s a lot of fat and trickery," quoted him as saying.

The "Inception" star also revealed he loves playing the bad guy because he is a big softie in real life.

"I`ve cornered the market on the old psychos and weirdos. I think it`s because I know what frightens me. I`m a big softie really. I`m quite scared of everything, so I`m naturally quite fearful so my job is just to observe and mimic people so whatever scares me I just portray in movies," he said.


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