Top 5 ways to be happy

Zee Media Bureau/ Gayatri Sankar

Mumbai: You must have heard people say that happiness is a state of mind. And you must have wondered if it is really so. Many often look for happiness beyond their own selves and often end up feeling disappointed. Happiness isn’t a commodity that you can buy and hence stop expecting that you will find it around.

If you think deeply, reawaken your heart, you will realise happiness is within you. Yes, ofcourse, happiness is derived out of near and dear ones, but eternal peace comes to you when you are happy from within.

Here are a few tips that will help you attract the goodness of life:

Respect yourself:Never go overboard undermining or thinking too high of yourself. Respect your existence and remember you have the potential to bring a smile on peoples’ faces. Never let yourself down. Live by your convictions. Once you rise above in your own eyes, you will be the happiest.

Learn to say NO: You may be kind and generous. But people might take advantage of your goodness. So be alert. Do not go beyond your capacity to prove your generosity to anyone. Help only as much as you can and make sure no one is taking you for a ride. Once you know where to stop, you will attain happiness, for you know you have grown wiser.

Pamper yourself: You may not be in a position to afford an expensive spa treatment to unwind and relax. But you can certainly turn on your tiny music system and listen to your favourite songs. You can even gorge your favourite food all day. Remember, happiness lies in the little things of life.

Control your temper:Anger often makes you unhappy. It rips you off the peace within you. Control your anger and divert your attention so that you are able to cool yourself. Once you learn the art of anger management, you will realise the power of self-control. Once you have control in yourself, you will be happy.

Spread the contagious smile: Wear a smile. It’s the only curve that can set things straight. When you exchange smiles, you spread happiness around. What you sow is what you reap. So you can barter happiness for happiness.

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