Tulisa was addicted to tearing own face with nail clippers

London: Tulisa has opened up about all the highs and lows in her life in her new book ‘Honest’ - from checking Fazer’s phone to her sex life with Jack O’Connell, to getting her drink spiked, and her sex tape.

And now, in an extract printed in the New! Magazine, ‘The X Factor’ judge revealed that she secretly struggled with a condition called dermatillomania, where she would self harm by obsessively picking her face with nail clippers.

“Picking my face was my way of zoning out, and I would go into the bathroom and pick at my skin for hours,” the Mirror quoted her as telling the publication.

“It got so bad that eventually I was tearing into my face with nail clippers and tweezers.

“At times, I caused an absolute catastrophe on my face, leaving gaping, weeping holes that must have looked horrendous. I did this almost every day for three years,” she said.

She thinks the dermatillomania was caused by anxiety over her mum, who is schizophrenic.

“Having my mum constantly fretting over me was making me nervous,” she said.

Tulisa finally got over the condition three years ago by getting hypnotised.

“My personal assistant Gareth found me on the floor, rocking back and forth in tears,” she said.

“After seeing the hypnotist, I tore my face up worse than ever, but when it healed, I managed to get it under control. Let’s hope it stays that way,” she added.