Wayne Rooney’ £30k hair transplant wears off just months after treatment

Wayne Rooney’s hair appeared to be thinning slightly on top as he recently flew out to Basel in Switzerland, merely months after his 30,000-pound transplant.

The 26-year-old footballer spent the staggering amount earlier this year in his quest to get the perfect head of hair.

With his head bowed, Rooney’s hair looked significantly thinner both on the top and at the front of the hairline, with the effects of the transplant seemingly wearing off.

Earlier this month, the striker had sparked concern that the transplant may not have fully worked when he was seen sporting greying locks.

However, the director of the clinic then came forward to insist the “discolouration” was normal, and may last months.

“It isn’t possible to judge the full effect of a transplant for at least 6-12 months. The whole process is similar to transplanting a favourite plant or shrub,” the Daily Mail quoted Nadeem Uddin Khan, director of the Harley Street Hair Clinic as saying.

“While the roots re-establish themselves, the growth on top can be patchy and this can involve some initial loss or discolouration.

“This is entirely normal and does not affect the ultimate outcome of a fully restored hairline featuring strong and healthy growth,” he added.


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