When Diaz got alcohol poisoning in Oz

London: Cameron Diaz has opened up about the experience when partying with Aussies after one heavy night out left her with alcohol poisoning.

The actress has always boasted her tolerance for alcohol but she seemed to have learned that Americans should never attempt to keep up with their cousins from Down Under.

"I was 19 and in Australia for the first time doing a commercial. I didn`t know that Australians are actually superhuman and don`t have livers," the Daily Express quoted Diaz as saying.

"I was out one harmless, wonderfully fun day with a group of hospitable Australians who were showing me Sydney. I was keeping up with them drinking, and they got pretty s**t-faced, but I got alcohol poisoning.

"I survived, but it was as bad as alcohol poisoning gets. I thought I was dying," she added.



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