Whitney Houston’s daughter ‘found getting high’ after mother’s funeral

London: Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was allegedly found taking drugs a few hours after the singer’s funeral.

The 18-year-old apparently slipped away from friends and family after the emotional four-hour home going service in New Jersey on Saturday.

Instead of joining them at a restaurant in Newark, Brown went off to be alone and even caused panic on Sunday morning as her mother’s coffin was being transported to the Fairview Cemetery to be buried.

“Everyone was freaking out and calling Bobbi Kristina’s cell,” the Daily Mail quoted a family friend as telling the Daily Beast.

“It was so much commotion and activity after the funeral that Bobbi Kristina just slipped away. Ms Cissy [Houston] was beside herself,” the source said.

Brown was understandably left devastated when her 48-year-old superstar mother was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel on February 11.

She was apparently found ‘getting high’ after she received the news her mother had passed away and there were conflicts between family members on whether she should be taken to rehab straight away or left to mourn with her family.

The teen had apparently grown up seeing her mother doing drugs and her family are concerned that she may follow in the singer’s footsteps.

Although an associate of the family said that Brown went to rehab last year, the Houston family would not be drawn on the matter.

“Bobbi Kristina had the people she loved and love her the most around.

“Ms Cissy was holding on tight and watching her every move,” the source said in the days before the funeral.

However, a Houston family rep denied that Brown was on drugs or had temporarily disappeared after the service.

“There was some confusion about Bobbi Kristina’s whereabouts last night for a short time, but she’s OK.

“She needed some time alone,” the spokesperson said.