Why popping popcorn at the movies can make you ‘pile on the pounds’

London: Next time, think twice before munching on popcorn while watching your favourite movie in the theatre – as this ‘light food’ can actually make you pile on the pounds.

According to a research, these cinema snacks contain “shocking” levels of calories and fat.

Which? magazine, which carried out the research, found that a typical tub of sweet popcorn contains 1,260 calories and 79.6g of fat, more than the 70g daily maximum suggested for a woman each day.

A portion of nachos provides 3.1g of salt, more than half an adult’s daily allowance, plus 1,030 calories and 56.5g of fat.
Cola bought at the cinema has up to 320 calories per container, while a hotdog with mustard and ketchup contains 580 calories and up to 3.2g of salt.

“The results are shocking, particularly the popcorn which is often viewed as a light food,” the Daily Mail quoted a Which? spokesman as saying.

“Many restaurant chains will be putting calorie information on their menus from September and we think cinemas should do the same.

“We are not saying you shouldn’t have these treats but it is all about making people think. We want them to have the information they need to make a choice,” the spokesman added.


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