Why women opt for breast implants

London: Breast implants are on the rise, with figures from February indicating that there has been a 13 percent increase on the previous year. But why exactly are women getting the surgery?

One in seven women in Britain, according to latest research, have considered or are considering breast enhancement surgery.

Attitudes towards the surgery have come a very long way since the first ever procedure in 1963 and it seems that now the confidence that results from the procedure often means more than the size of the outcome.

On International Women`s Day, there`s a launch of a newly-formed Body Matters panel of experts. Ayse Kocak, CEO of a breast implant manufacturer, joins plastic surgeon Jacqueline Lewis and psychotherapist Norman Wright to discuss breast enhancement -- whether it is purely for vanity or in fact a way to give a woman her confidence back.

Everything from confidence issues, to getting older, to having a baby or losing weight means your body shape can play heavily on your mind and your self-esteem.

Two-thirds of women in Britain currently considering surgery are doing so to make them feel more confident.

The Body Matters panel, launched by GC Aesthetics, is committed to giving women the most thorough information, support and advice before they consider embarking on the physical and emotional journey of surgery.