Wrestling accident leaves Rourke with permanent damage

Updated: May 05, 2010, 14:47 PM IST

London: Mickey Rourke’s right arm has suffered permanent damage after a failed surgery on a torn muscle, which was ripped from the bone during an arm wrestling match with a rugby team player.

The 57-year-old wrestler star had been crowned International Man of the Year at last September`s (09) GQ Man of the Year awards in London when he met the members of a rugby team.

The incident occurred during a round of friendly arm wrestling matches between one of the players on the Huddersfield Giants team and Rourke.

"They treated me like their long-lost brother. We started arm wrestling. I did OK with two of them and they were very surprised. Another guy came walking through the door - he was the size of a house. I did him with my left hand and then he just killed me with the right. I didn`t go all the way down and it (the muscle) ripped in half. The next day it all turned black," The Daily Express quoted Rourke as saying.

As the surgery happened too late, there is no hope of reattaching the arm properly again.

He explains, "I was in the hospital eight or nine days. Two weeks ago I found out it (the surgery) didn`t work. The tendon didn`t take because you`re supposed to do it a day or two afterwards, but I waited six months... It got atrophied. I have full use of the arm and I can do whatever I used to do, it just looks a little retarded."