Yoga, Arnie’s son’s secret behind six-pack

Updated: Oct 05, 2010, 21:43 PM IST

London: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick recently showed off his toned body, which he developed through the power of yoga.

The 17-year-old stepped out without his shirt in Los Angeles over the weekend, showing off his six-pack and biceps.

The Governor of California``s son did not achieve his muscles through body-building like Arnold though, reports a news daily.

His strong, lean physique is the result of yoga, while Arnold famously bulked up through bodybuilding.

He worked up a sweat at an LA yoga studio, and walked to his car dressed only in gym shorts, and carrying his jumper and slippers.

Mother Maria Shriver, who covered up in a brown T-shirt and leggings, joined Patrick for the yoga session.