Young Britons think kissing gives you cancer

London: Many youngsters in Britain think kissing gives you cancer and that only fat people can get the disease.

Other myths that were doing the rounds include catching the disease from toilet seats, a kick in the genitals or eating coloured jelly sweets, revealed a poll conducted by the Teenage Cancer Trust among 13- to 24-year-olds.

Living near electricity towers or keeping a mobile phone in a woman`s bra are also on the list of common beliefs, a news daily reported.

Around six percent believe cancer can be caught from kissing, eight percent from coloured jellies - and seven percent even think only fat people get the disease.

A whopping 53 percent think everyone is born with the cancer gene.

Teenage Cancer Trust chief Simon Davies said: "Cancer is a complex and frightening disease; so it is easy to understand why such strange myths exist."