Anand Bhusan redefines ‘Gridlock’ fashion

New Delhi: Fashion designer Anand Bhushan’s ensemble spread for Spring Summer 2011 is all about redefining the concept of Gridlock. Some might think of a claustrophobic theme, but again there is more than what meets the eye.

The colours and patterns here suffice to the new theory of breath-ability and artistic essence.

As the designer displayed his collection at the WIFW Spring/Summer 2011, the audience was kept at high alert with a constant siren all along. The geometric square macramé patterns are a derivative of the past remnant thoughts, which here get a fresh treatment of warm colors.

The fabrics are an array of breathable linens, gossamer organza and refined cottons. It is an urbane life-like reinterpretation featuring chains, grids, cubes and delicate flowerets in linen tapes and embroidered zippers.

A fashion savvy lingo well supported by the new age designer incorporates fresh wave of colours, which are on the likes of greens, yellows, pinks, whites also grey striking the much required tonal balance.

The silhouettes looked more edgy, modern and niche—a well known aspect of Anand’s techniques.