Designer duo Gaurav and Ritika’s ‘Urban Rhapsody’

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: Designer duo Gaurav and Ritika presented a show that was a pleasure to watch at ‘The Wills India Fashion Week’. They displayed feminine designs, gratifying styles and their outstanding colours conquered the ramp.

Gaurav and Gitika presented an interesting and quite sophisticated ensemble with blocks lying on the ramp portraying the ‘work-in progress’ mode.

The masses or the city dwellers have their way out in their everyday life. The noise of choppers and the fuss on the surface of the earth left a modern inspiration. They had a very considerate approach to synchronising the mundane darker hues and shades.

The depth and the power took a competitive walk - a practical dream of an urban person which had the claustrophobic feel clung to the much more artistic durable structures. The contemporary beauty was lost in the construction site and mostly outshined by the haze of dust.

It was a combination of aesthetic endeavor suggestive of an ultra-modern feel with self muted tones of greys, beiges and blues. A grayscale palette was underplayed by sudden flashes of yellows of the cranes and machinery. Well combined sight of shiny and matte surfaces spoke the ultra modern lingo.

The silhouettes circled round the asymmetric styled shapes, again pulling in an ergonomic feel with long sleeves shift dress with loosely draped panels. The shiny bow added an element of humour to the angular cut paneled dresses.

Tube dresses had a twist played over with elaborately unusual pleats. An assortment of embellished squares-like the building blocks stuck together for a stronger appeal. The complete collection had a total contemporary feel with luxurious fabrics flowing in sync satiating the demands of gravity. Beaded eye accessory was the major show up almost like the much required x-factor.

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