Kavita Bhartia’s designs depict a mix of cultures on day 2 of WIFW

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: Designer Kavita Bhartia took inspiration from all over the world to create stylish and chic designs for Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW). Influences from Paris, Persia, Britain and South Africa were clearly visible throughout the collection.

Designs were highly inspired by different cultures and present the look of a bohemian woman with a modern day diva attitude. The collection injected a spirit of fun at WIFW with its souvenirs, graffiti designs, fruity colours and excellent time-lines.

A large bodice and tinkling bells suspended from the ceiling made for an interesting and perfect ambience for Kavita Bhartia’s collection. Models sporting short hairstyles and large stylish accessories in burnt out colours created an outback look.

Talking to reporters, Kavita said, "The line is an ode to people who have helped me in my journey of fashion. I have merged modern drapes with an Indian touch to create an interesting twist to the whole story. The line has influences from different cultures and places, so it`s all about a bohemian woman who travels a lot and experiences life."

Short Roman style dresses worn over two layers of stockings, one plain and other in graffiti design, were beautifully embroidered at the waist. Silver sequins were beautifully done over baby-doll silhouettes in cotton cream chiffon. Models wearing silver over stockings presented tribal stance with Grecian mix.

Kavita merged structured draped dresses in green of the woods with an Indian touch to add drama to the show. Saris were worn like goddess gowns and done in sobre, simple pastel shades of lavender, lilacs, pumpkins and petunias.

Harem pants matched with fitting tees displaying graffiti prints in eclectic mix of magenta yellow and black were very fascinating. Dresses worn with military print boots added bling to the show. Interesting silhouettes were created with Greek drop waist dresses worn with embossed print boots.

Overall, the collection was about energy and drama on stage. The designs were lively and exuberant. Modern dresses, in green and natural shades, done with an Indian touch were a feast for the senses of onlookers. The collection was hard to forget and soon will be followed by the fashion addicts.