Want to get dressed in 24 carats gold?

New Delhi: Ever wondered how it would be to wear an outfit made up of twenty four carat gold. If you think that ornaments are the only way to flaunt yellow metal, think again. Designer Nitin Vijay introduced gold couture at the ongoing Wills India Fashion Week.

Under his label G’nia, Nitin is showcasing corsets and stoles woven with gold fabric. Speaking to Kakoli Sengupta of Zee News, the designer said, “I wanted to present gold in a new form. Gold is an asset and people want to invest in gold.”

The classic tales about gold attires seems to have come true with Nitin’s creations. Though exhibiting just the corsets and stoles this time, Nitin has opened the door to new experiments in the world of couture.

The unique technology of weaving gold with silk not only adds aristocracy but is also a ritzy style statement. Nitin said, “This is an attempt to woo the accessory lovers to gold, who were otherwise reaching out to other options. People having fascination for accessories were moving away from gold.”

These corsets and stoles are light weight and wearable, just like any other outfit. However, the USP of gold contour is the asset value. So next time when you think of couture think of gold.