Top 5 must dos this Women`s Day

Zee Media Bureau/Anindita Dev

New Delhi: It is a major day of global celebration for women. It`s all about general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration

So here are the top 5 things you should do to celebrate the woman that you are:

Don`t bow down to anyone`s wishes today, at least for one day just do what you want to do. Get all your desires fulfilled, do what you crave for. Remember that you are one strong, independent lady who is capable of tackling oceans of trouble with a hoe.

Join the gang of girls and spread the message of love and joy of `Womanhood` to everyone. Instead of the normal partying and hanging out with your friends, why not reach out to the underprivileged girls of our society? Be the woman with the bigger heart, let them too feel loved and cared.

Tip yourself some much needed that time that you have been avoiding all this while because of the mountain of load that you carry. Let your hair down.

Stand up to any man who tries to tower above you or sits on your head. Just learn not to take any offence without a valid reason. Be the sole guardian of your safety.

And given that the strong and charming lady you are, remember to pamper yourself with all the treats and goods you`ve been missing out on. Make other women feel special too. Take your mother, your sister, your friend or any deserving woman you know of, to a spa, a movie, a sumptuous dinner even.

Be happy. Stay safe. And always be `Young, Wild and Free...`.