Tête-à-tête with TV stars : Anoop Soni
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Anoop Soni
Do shows like ‘Rakhi ka Insaaf’ and ‘Bigg Boss’ reflect the impact of television on Indian audiences or is the other way round?

As far as reality shows are concerned, each has its own impact. However, there are some shows that have no constructive impact on the viewers. They are just meant for voyeurism. Shows like these are similar to gossiping inside the four walls of the house, the only difference being that your moves and sayings are under constant observation.

Is Indian TV still considered as a stepping stone to Bollywood?

No, not at all. TV has its own identity and is equally popular as film these days.

Any show are you looking forward to on TV?

I ain’t looking forward to any show as yet.

Any show or film that you would like to be a part of?

I missed a chance to play a very interesting character of a lawyer in ‘Siddhant’ owing to date problems. That was something that I really think I should have done.
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