Music, Mourning and Missing Legends!

His death set the world into mourning and fans from all over the world still suffer the void Michael Jackson’s unfortunate demise left behind. Three years after MJ died, it was declared that the death occurred due to propofol intoxication. His personal physicians Dr. Conrad Murray who lived with him all through his end days was prosecuted for involuntary manslaughter. The trials that began in September this year made headlines all throughout. On the 7th November 2011, Murray was found guilty and was taken into custody without bail. He was later sentenced to the maximum penalty of four years of incarceration.

The young and talented singer Amy Winehouse joined the jinx ‘Club 27’ on a dark day this September. Her death was a huge shock as she died in unexplained circumstances due to overdose of drugs. So many deaths of music legends at a young age has made the term ‘Club 27’ darker. Amy’s end was similar to other music legends like - Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison - all of who died at the age of 27. None of these musicians could have a second when compared to the standard of music they produced.

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