Old wine in a new bottle

Updated: Dec 19, 2011, 19:32 PM IST

To cash in on the popularity of a blockbuster remained one of the safest options for filmmakers in Bollywood to deliver a hit at the BO.

Official or not, remaking a hit movie has been a formula the industry has been using for years. But this year that formula had a distinct South Indian flavour.

And since there is no denying that capitalising on an already successful brand is one of the smartest business strategies, when ‘Dabangg’ was declared a success, the producers immediately announced a sequel. Ditto with ‘Force’.

With the first film already a hit, announcing a part 2, became one of the easiest way to increase the buzz around it.

Also there is a barrage of publicity speculating the star cast and the twist and turns in the story gives the producers the perfect playground to reach out to the masses.