Greenest car on planet runs on nothing but cold air
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Greenest car on planet runs on nothing but cold air

Updated on Monday, March 18, 2013, 15:55
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Washington: A British inventor has developed what may be called the greenest car on the planet - which runs on nothing but cold air.

Peter Dearman`s rusty, 25-year-old Vauxhall Nova, has no gas, no batteries.

It has a beer keg in the messy trunk. Pipes run through the middle of the car, which is littered with wrenches and loose bolts. Under the hood, a red, plastic garbage can holds anti-freeze that spills over the sides and a piece of wood holds, well, everything else together.

The Dearman engine-which sounds like a high pitched golf cart-is powered only by liquid air.

Dearman, a full-time inventor, hopes that his invention offers a solution to the rapidly decreasing fossil fuels.

His car works like a steam engine, except instead of steam, he uses very cold air. Air turns into a liquid at minus 300 degrees.

In Dearman`s car, the liquid air is held in the beer keg before it flows into the engine. As it warms up and begins to boil, it expands back into a gas, pumping the pistons.

"It won`t produce any emissions because it`s only air we`re using. We`re not burning anything. We`re just using heat from the atmosphere and liquid air," the 61-year-old explained to the news channel.

By choosing liquid air, Dearman believes he has created one of the most sustainable cars on the planet.

His engine is very light, allowing manufacturers to build a car that could be made cheaply, and, perhaps, out of plastic-no metal required. And by not using any batteries, manufacturers can avoid using any scarce materials.

Soon, his homemade invention will be put inside a very professional package. The engineering company Ricardo, which helps design engines for, among others, McLaren race cars, is creating a state-of-the-art version this year.

By next year, Dearman hopes there will be a complete car built around his engine. It will be a large improvement on his Vauxhall Nova.

After that, Ricardo is looking into combining the air powered engine with a bus diesel engine, creating a gas-air hybrid.


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