Cyclone Vardah: Safety tips for residents – The dos and dont's!

According to weather experts, the main threats from Vardah is heavy rain although wind damage is also possible.

Cyclone Vardah: Safety tips for residents – The dos and dont's!

New Delhi: Tropical Cyclone Vardah made landfall in Chennai at around 2:55 PM on Monday December 12, 2016. The severe cyclonic storm, accompanied by heavy rains and high velocity winds of 90-100 kmph, killed two persons as it pounded the city and coastal districts of Tamil Nadu.

Earlier, weather experts had predicted heavy rain as the main threat from Vardah, although wind damage is also possible. At least 14 people were killed due to flooding caused by Vardah in Thailand last week.

Here's a list dos and dont's during and after a natural disaster, including cyclone:

  • Residents should check their houses, repair doors and windows, wherever necessary.
  • Should stay indoors during the heavy rains and allow children to venture into the areas where streams or rivers flow. Do not go out even if the weather suddenly clears during a storm as indicated by a lull in the wind and rain.
  • Store adequate amount of food, medicines and drinking water. Try opting for the type which does not require cooking, such as, flat rice, sattu ( pulse powder).
  • Make sure that your radio set is fully serviceable. Also, keep your mobile phones and a set of batteries ready for emergency use.
  • Move to relief centres and stay in the shelter as and when you are advised to do so.
  • Do not spread rumors or be alarmed by rumours.
  • Do not panic but keep calm and help others to be calm.

Ensure that the above guidelines are followed and be safe!



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