`Leaving Home...’ dedicated to memory of Asheem: Jaideep

By Aman Kanth | Last Updated: Apr 02, 2010, 09:53 AM IST

Jaideep Varma’s ‘Leaving Home- The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ hits theatres on 2nd April 2010. A first of its kind, ‘Leaving Home- The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ documents the life and times of Indian Ocean – one of the most respected and popular Indian Rock band that has been churning rich music for the past two decades.

In a freewheeling chat with Spicezee.com’s Aman Kanth, ‘Leaving Home- The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ director Jaideep Varma shares his views on Indian Ocean and his latest film, which not only celebrates the music of the band but is also dedicated to the loving memory of Asheem Chakravarty, one of the founding members of the band who passed away on Christmas last year.

Aman: A ‘rockumentary’ is unheard of in the history of Indian cinema. What exactly inspired you to make it?

Jaideep: First of all, I would like to say that ‘Leaving Home- The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ is not a ‘rockumantary.’ I don’t know why media is calling it a rockumentary as it is not a genre. ‘Leaving Home- The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ is a simple non-fiction, music film.

Aman: Why did you choose Indian Ocean?

Jaideep: Being an Indian Ocean fan, I have been inspired by their music. I began on the making of ‘Leaving Home- The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ in the year 2001 with a budget of Rs 12 lakh and completed the film in the year 2006, with its budget shooting to around Rs 70 lakh. I opted for this subject because it is not only timeless but I also wanted to tell the personal story of Indian Ocean.

Aman: Working on an unusual project like this, did you face any hurdles during the making of the film?

Jaideep: We only faced hurdles during the making of the film. Sometimes the band members were not available and so on. Yet, these are the standard hurdles that are part and parcel of filmmaking. However, the biggest hurdle was trying to release the film. The making of ‘Leaving Home- The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ took one year but it’s release took three years. Finally, the people who came forward to release the film were BIG Cinemas as, incidentally, the COO of BIG Cinema is a huge Indian Ocean fan.

Aman: How was the experience of working with Indian Ocean – the band?

Jaideep: It was a great experience. Over the years, I developed friendship with them and we used to work very hard, sometimes eighteen hours a day.

Aman: The untimely demise of Asheem Chakravarty left a big void in the music of Indian Ocean, didn’t it affect the film?

Jaideep: You see, ‘Leaving Home- The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ was ready for about two years before the time Asheem passed away. In all, the movie a celebration of the life of Indian Ocean, it should be seen in the same sensibility as it was being made.

Aman: Don’t you think that Indian Ocean has not got its due respect, despite the fact that the band is celebrated for churning out rich music over two decades?

Jaideep: I completely agree. I am proud that I made a film on this subject. I feel privileged to have captured Asheem Chakravarty at his peak. Yet, there is a sense of achievement and sadness. Asheem believed in the film and during trying times, it was he, who asked us not to give up hope. Finally, when the film is ready to see the light of the day, he is no more with us. ‘Leaving Home- The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ is dedicated to the memory of Asheem Chakravarty.